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Oops, I did it again...Dok Bua


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Oops, I did it again...Dok Bua

galleygirl | Dec 17, 2002 08:48 PM

If I hadn't gotten dirty fingerprints all over prints I was mounting, and if it hadn't been too cold to walk to Kinko's in Coolidge Corner for more (it was!),I would've never gotten a ticket for left on a red at rush hour. And if the customer non-service people at the Kinko's in Coolidge Corner (yes, I hope you're reading this; if you were a restaurant, I'd never go back!!!) had been even close to capable at their jobs, getting three copies wouldn't have been an hour long ordeal. But I did, it was, and I did. They weren't, and it did...I needed comfort food *BAD*....

I stopped at Trader Joe's for wine, and headed for Dok Bua.. They were surprised to see me without my posse, but did give me a seat next to the fish-tank. :) Catfish in chili sauce, with green beans,, on Rice, Thai Spicey, please...The catfish was fried, (I didn't care!!! Some pieces were so crunchy I could eat the bones ), then mixed with this INCREDIBLE herb that I tracked down as Krachai, also called fingerroot, a preserved rhizome...A flavor mildly reminiscent of galangal, but much more herbal and intense, almost medicinal if you chewed a piece, like nothing I've ever tasted...Also, kaffir lime leaves, fresh green peppercorns in addition to the ground chili...Such intense flavorings, I couldn't even bear to use any of the amazing condiments...It's the same sauce they use on the mussels with chili sauce....Next time.

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