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nomadfromcincy | Dec 23, 2004 06:50 AM

We sat at the sushi bar and ordered omekase. We didn't specify a price range, but he asked if we wanted sushi or sashimi and we told him we didn't care. He said (I think) that he would do sashimi of the fresh things available - a bunch of which came from japan. We ended up having:
surf clam - firmer texture than I expected. looked like scallop, but had the texture of a nice chilled piece of king crab leg (kinda flaky).
ama ebi - sweet shrimp - really delicious, lots of flavor, I think he said they were coming from Florida?
horse mackerel (aji?) - I liked this a lot more than the mackerel I tried in the past, less fishy, more flavor
an oga "saba roll" - just saba with ginger wrapped with seaweed. for some reason, the flavors just complimented each really well in this.
live uni - i love the texture; as i was telling my friend, i like to pretty much chew it with my tongue. it is like a mouthful of sea water.
snow crab - this was tasty, but really not very different than other good crab legs.
another type of mackerel - seared the skin with a torch... this was the only thing we didn't like.

ordered a couple other things separately:
crazy roll - tempura shrimp with avocado and other stuff. just okay - tempura was warmed up but not especially crisp.
spicy tuna - delicious. love when they put the crispy flakes in there.
spicy sake (salmon) handroll - a little small, but the salmon was good and i think their i would like a bottle of their spicy mayonnaise for home cooking.

all in - the damage was about $100 including two big Sapporo beers.

i think oga's is on the same level as fugakyu, but a little cheaper.

also, the sushi chef said they were planning to open another sushi restaurant in new hampshire. i overheard this conversation, so i didn't ask where.

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