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Official State Foods & Beverages


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Official State Foods & Beverages

alkapal | May 20, 2011 09:02 AM

I thought you might like a look at official state foods and beverages.


Thanks to the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, and author Liz Williams:

Notables: Alabama has whisky -- the only state with the gumption to sanction booze.
Indiana -- clean livin' Indianans recognize...WATER!
Nebraska's official soft drink is Kool-Aid.

On a little tangent, but....I see many states have miilk as their official beverage, but that takes on greater significance as a Pennsylvanian Amish dairy farmer is now being prosecuted by the feds for daring to take fresh, unadulterated, safe and wholesome UNPASTEURIZED milk across the state line into Maryland. This food police statism has gotten so disgusting and pathetic!

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