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Observed something interesting at Wegman's


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Observed something interesting at Wegman's

BeeZee | Feb 17, 2009 04:37 PM

Sitting in the cafe, table next to balcony overlooking the hot and cold food bars at a Wegman's Market Cafe (Northeast supermarket) I saw something interesting. An employee came out to the hot/cold food bar with an instant read thermometer and poked it in to some lasagne (or something like that) sitting in it's metal tray. Hey, I thought, good to know they do check that stuff since I always figured it wasn't kept hot enough. Then the employee wiped the thermometer off with a cloth and poked it into the cold tray with fruit. Guess they need to make sure it's being kept cold enough, too. Then the lightbulb went *off*... if you are a strict vegetarian that's another reason you better stay away from those hot/cold food bars!

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