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just some observations on cutting boards......

dixiegal | Mar 19, 201209:58 AM

I have now had my Boardsmith end grain board for about 3 months. I love it for sure, but have learned the differences in it and my other wood boards. My other wood boards are just the kind you get at any 'mart' store. They are the flat kind of boards and I don't know the wood they are, but they are all I have ever used until my Boardsmith board. I notice on my cheap boards, that I never had a problem with smells. Apparently the flat side of the board just does not soak up the smells. Even though I have rarely oiled the boards. I discovered this when I decided to oil all of my boards and wood bowles the same day.

I added some sweet orange essential oil to some board oil that I had. Well I added too much and all the boards were smelling really strong. But in a few days, my cheap boards and wood bowls no longer smelled like oranges. They no longer smelled at all. But my end grain board continued to hold the orange smell for a lot longer. It has now faded to just a little smell if you try to smell it.

This explains why the onion and garlic smell lingered so long on my Boardsmith board. So I now have put the mineral oil and beeswax mixture on the end grain board, and will probably add more wax to the mixture and keep that board coated with it.

Another thing I learned. That beeswax and mineral oil mixture is a GREAT hand cream. I put some in a little empty jar and now use it for my hands and feet. Ladies, it is better than anything I have bought at the store for that. I am thinking if you went heavy on the bees wax, what a good lip balm it would make.........

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