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Obessive Compuslive Knife Sharpening Disorder

Chemicalkinetics | Feb 10, 201011:53 AM

As the title suggested, I believe I have Obessive Compuslive Knife Sharpening Disorder (OCKSD). Most people do not send their knives out for professional sharpening more than once a year. I told myself that I should not sharpen my knives more than once every two months, but every time I find my knives slightly less sharp, I sharpened them, so I ended up sharpening my knives about once every two weeks if not more often. Sometime, I sharpened them just to put a new edge angle to try, like my Dexter Chinese chef's knife, which took me more than 2 hours.

My question to you is that: How often do you sharpen your knives? I don't mean honing or stropping. I mean sharpening. If you have OCKSD, are you seeking treatment? If so, where are you getting your help? I think we should have a OCKSD supporting group.

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