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Oakland - Mariscos La Costa?


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Oakland - Mariscos La Costa?

rworange | Oct 12, 2007 05:33 PM

A few more taco truck questions since I will be in the area. Is this place open only on Saturday?

This is what I gleaned from past posts … anything else I should know?

Recommended; seafood tostadas, or an agua chile solo cameron (with only shrimp), coctales de camarones and ceviche. The grilled meat items are good too.

Skip: Mixto or anything with lots of crab if you don’t like faux crab

The rest is pieced together cut and pastes from various past posts.

It's been described as a moble home on a foundation. Order at the window. The place is immaculately clean, with nice little tables outside, each set with 4 or 5 different types of hot sauces. There is lots of parking in their lot, It has a covered patio and lots of palm trees

No tacos here but there are burritos. The menu includes a number of cocktails with seafood combos like shrimp and octopus, shrimp and oysters, shrimp and crab and tostadas with the same combinations atop.

This is the only place with agua chile coctel.

Order the agua chile with shrimp only. The shrimp are not precooked, only "cooked" by the lime and salt retaining their soft texture and sweetness. It was in a spicy tomato base liquid with red onions and cucumber. These came with sides of crackers, limes, and packets of hot sauce.

The agua chile may be better than the shrimp ceviche because of its spiciness and the texture of the shrimp was less cooked and softer than that of the shrimp ceviche.

The campechanas was a mixture of seafood (one huge oyster, shrimp, and octopus) in a tomato based liquid. This was chock full of diced avocado, onion, and cilantro.

The mixto was an was mostly fake crab with some shrimp and octopus.

The seafood cocktail was a thin tomato-based broth, with a nice bite to it. The seafood involved included a couple of raw oysters, lots of shrimp, crab and octopus. It had onions and avocados in it as well. Every bite offered a new taste.

The ceviche had the same mix of seafood as the cocktail (without the oysters), with cucumbers, red onions, tomatoes, all tasting beautifully of fresh, tart, lime. It all came with a huge amount of thick, hard, nicely salty tortillas that the guy kept calling tostadas. They threw a bunch of hot sauce packets, lime wedges, etc. in the bag.

Tostada Ceviche de Pescados, included not only fish, but octopus and shrimp In addition to the seafood, the ceviche included avocado, tomatoes, red onions and cilantro. It came in a large (16 oz.) styrofoam cup with four tostada shells, lime and a packet of ketchup. It tasted fairly fresh and was fairly mild, although the fish was "mushy".

The ceviche de cameron tostada here is one of the biggest bargains around when they give you a large cup of topping, several tostada shells, a handful of hot sauce and ketchup packages and a handful of saltines

A bag full of crispy corn tortillas were not greasy at all. They had a great deal of heft, good thickness to support the seafood toppings and good corn flavor

The taco pastor was excellent, very spicy although faulted for a BBQ sauce quality, The sauce wasn't too sweet and had a distinct cumin note. Every order came with lime wedges and radishes and peppers.

The carne asada burrito was very good though spicier than your typical burrito It wasn't loaded with rice, like so many are.

From left to right - fish ceviche tostada, shrimp ceviche tostada, and agua chile with shrimp and octopus

Mariscos La Costa
3625 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601

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