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Nagging question: frosted cupcakes


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Nagging question: frosted cupcakes

waytob | Aug 6, 2009 07:19 AM

Hi all

I have recently been introduced to the Western novelty...heavily frosted cupcakes (My induction was at Westfield in London). Loved my sticky toffee pudding cupcake with butterscotch frosting.....but.....

How on earth are you meant to eat the @*!$ thing? I would either get a mouthfull of frosting or would get frosting all over my nose, and finished off with half my cupcake without frosting!

Did a search and only came up with this :

Seems like a better way to eat a cupcake is when the frosting is in the middle...a bit difficult to manoever when strolling around a busy arcade.

Any tips?

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