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Mystery Diner. 100% faked, i'll tell you why.

puppeteer23 | May 28, 201211:42 PM

While watching the german restaurant ep, I was pretty suspicious, for some of the reasons other people have mentioned:

1. "Hey, let's go to that bar we always go to after work!" What, you don't know what it's called? ...or maybe you can't say because you're not allowed because you're an actor.

2. Horrible acting (which you expect from the owners because they KNOW they're on camera) but the people (waitresses, manager, etc) who supposedly didn't know were very not good.

...but here's what really stuck out to me.

I worked for an Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship for 8 years. You want to take a guess at one thing I NEVER heard any of our salesmen or delivery guys refer to themselves as?

"I'm the new supply guy."

Really? No. I'm sorry. I could have bought "I'm the new beer guy," or "I'm the new [distributor company name] guy," or EVEN "I'm the new [beer brewery or brand name] guy."

If this was a REAL show, they would have said "I'm the new beer guy from BEEEEEEEEP distributing."

As soon as the mystery diner said that and Gunnar the "manager" didn't even blink an eye, I was out.

You need to understand that suppliers, be it a beer distributor or food distributor, create relationships with the managers and owners of their customers. I used to go on sales calls with our salesmen and they knew every manager by name and every manager knew who they were, what they sold and who they worked for. There's just no way any manager would accept "supply guy" without a question or a "what the f**k does that mean?"

This was a 100% scripted show with actors all around. Not that great of one, either.

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