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Make me a muffin -- a Chowhound Challenge

Mrs. Smith | Mar 7, 200512:16 PM

Hello all Chowhound Home Bakers:

I'm having a small muffin crisis. I'm looking for some really good muffin recipes, and my criteria are below. I'm sure the hounds out there have some fine muffin recipes squirrelled away, and I want them.

A good muffin, (in my opinion)

-is full-flavored (not necessarily super-sweet, but sweet is good in a muffin) NOT BLAND
-has good, moist, but not gooey texture
- can have a topping (streusel, or glaze, etc), or not
-can be high-fat, mid-fat, or low-fat -- I don't care, as long as it's really fully flavored. I'm only going to eat one of these muffins a day, with my morning coffee, so I want it to be good and I am not so concerned about fat or calorie content
-can be made with white or whole wheat flour, or combination, or bran, oatmeal, etc, I don't care AS LONG as it's good!
-can have fruit, or not
-can involve jam/preserves, or not
-standard muffin size preferred (preferablly not Giant or Mini-muffins, but if the recipe is really fantastic I will adapt it)

As you can see -- I'm just basically looking for a good, intensely flavored, deliciously-textured muffin. I'm set on scone recipes, so no need to share those. I have what I've come to consider the finest blueberry muffin recipe in existence (a very high-fat, rather labor-intensive streusel-topped blueberry muffin from Fine Cooking magazine) so I'm not actively looking for a blueberry muffin recipe anymore. However, if you have one that you have tried and tested and consider to be really extraordinary, please share.

My all-time favorite muffin, alas, now lost to antiquity, was made by the office cafeteria at the company I worked at during my college summer job. It was a really intensely-flavored, sweet, moist-in-the-middle but crispy on the outside orange muffin. It was so very good, even with the bad black office coffee that I used to drink by the quart then. Yummy. Orange muffins are still my favorite -- and seem to be the holy grail of muffin flavors. I've found pretty good orange muffins again, but none to compare to that one. A full-flavored orange muffin is really hard to make, apparently. Extra points to anyone who provides me with an excellent orange muffin recipe.

BUT, I'm opening this challenge up to the fine bakers out there on the Home Cooking board. If you have a really good muffin recipe (and if it's fussy and hard to make I don't mind -- flavor is key), and are willing to share, I will take it from the board and test it. After a few submissions I will decide if there is a winner, and I will email that person a Cooking.com gift certificate. Yes, I'm willing to pay for fantastic muffin recipe.

I eagerly await the entries....

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