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Mice in apartment

rockandroller1 | Feb 6, 201407:18 AM

We've been in our apt for 10 years. Several months ago, the tenants next door to us were evicted because their place was a disgusting, filthy mess. They had pets and didn't let them out to do their business, just for starters. The apt went through major renovation to get it ready for new tenants, and there have been new people in there for a while now.

I noticed mouse poop under the sink. We don't keep any food there, but the trash is in there. We moved the trash out and got a trash container with a lid, and I cleaned everything out with bleach but they are still coming in. The apt complex put steel wool around the openings, but that's done nothing. They put down glue strips, and the next day we found one covered with mouse hair and poop where one had obviously pulled himself off the strip. I have things pretty well sealed and don't see any signs of them chewing or being anywhere but ground floor level (we live in a ground floor apartment), but it bothers me they are there. I complained about the glue strips' ineffectiveness and they are going to get some kind of box traps, but they refuse to do anything to the rest of the building (11 other units in my building) because according to them, if the other tenants don't complain, they're "only in my suite." I think that's ridiculous. If you don't exterminate the whole building, they will still be there. No?

I'm wondering what the danger to my food is, if any others have had experience with getting landlords in apartment units to treat this problem, any other feedback/suggestions you have.

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