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Mexikosher mini review

ganeden | Dec 13, 201102:03 PM

I had a meeting scheduled next door, cancelled at the last minute. I'd eaten at PKD a couple of times, so I thought I'd try their next door neighbor, Mexikosher. A nice, clean-looking place. I got a big burrito with shredded beef and lamb and all the fixings. Did I say big? Humongous! If one is only looking a quantity, then I think this place is a steal, at least for the 20% off-facebook prices. And I suppose it is good quality as well, considering. But my gi-normous burrito's tortilla got totally soggy in the short time it took to bring it to my table, then wash for hamotzi. And to be honest, I didn't think the flavor was anything to write home about. Two ways it could be improved: 1) smaller portion within each burrito, 2) R&D to come up with fixed combinations of fillings which taste particularly good together. I think the biggest reason the tortilla got soggy in record time was the sheer amount of filling within it- too much, in my opinion. Better to have 2 tortillas for the filling, or sell 1 half-packed burrito at half the price. I think the flavor could be enhanced with proper attention to developing complementary flavors. There are just so many options of stuff to slop into the filling, and there a no discrete flavors. So development of complementary fillings which also have discrete flavors could make this a great restaurant, rather than just a place to get lots of good quality food.

Note that this is the only thing I've ever eaten from there, so the review is specifically for that burrito. Staff seemed nice and attentive.

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