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Medium rare for me....So you


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Medium rare for me....So you

Joann Creekmore | Feb 1, 2002 01:28 AM

Just curious what other cook's thought's are on the discrepincies(Sp) of the temprutures when meat should be done at say a med-rare..I'm really talking Big cuts of meat like roast's...seems to me they run all over the board if you follow a basic recipie. For example I just got one of my cooking mags. and there was an Ad in there for Lamb, with two recipie's on the same page calling for two totally different temp's on the Med-rare. What's up with that! I have come across this problem several times. I read ALOT about food, recipies, and always seem to enconter this problem....what's the answer...I do use a insta-read taylor themometer, alas somtimes my meat gets overcooked becuase of the inconsistinsey of this.
Please forgive my spelling.
PS. I am aware that the meat has to rest, so are they giving some of those temp's pior-to or after they have rested?.. it's sooo exsaperating

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