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Yet another new Meat

ButcherJason | Aug 7, 200511:25 PM

OK, I've been a trim butcher for the last two years. My day job is a game and premium meats salesman.

On a recent business trip to St. Louis, I had an excellent meal at Melange (512 Euclid St. Louis, MO).

Chef Chris has an excellent relationship with the Green City markets and has an app, an entree, and a dessert all produced locally.

For dinner, I ordered his Green City Market Special entree- a SONOMA steak served with creme fraiche herbed mashed potatoes, sauteed baby seasonal veg and a (dare I say it) zingy diavalo style sauce of peppers and onions, all served with an excellent tossed side salad of baby greens.

I asked the Chef himself what part of the animal produced such an excellent steak- and he told me the chuck. It is not a Flat Irion steak.

Here's a better description:
The Cooked piece of meat was a slightly tapering cylinder approx. 2" in diameter and 7" long. the grain of the muscle went along the full length. The texture appeared coarse (like a chuck roast), but was actually outstandingly tender, very similar to a tenderloin (in both shape and texture)- not tender like a hanger steak but that soft, utterly yielding consistancy of a rare filet medallion.

I looked it up in the NAMP to no avail, nor had any of my coworkers ever heard of it. I have broken down a chuck before, but I didn't cook each and every muscle!

Anybody ever hear of this one?


Link: http://www.melange-stl.com/

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