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McChicken Parmesian

Bobfrmia | Dec 19, 2003 11:18 AM

In order to ask this question, I and others will have to admit to a bad thing.
It's Holiday season and I was shopping for a long time. Finally on the way home I realized I was starving, and the only thing between me and home was a McDonalds (the Hardees and Barnards went out of business). Not wanting to be out any longer I stopped at Macs thinking I would try the Chicken Parmesian I'd seen advertised. What could you do wrong to a chicken breast with some sauce and cheese?
This was BAD. Really BAD. I can only describe it as tasting like the smell of fresh blacktop. I don't know what they inject/marinade, or whatever the chicken in/with, but OMG!
Has anyone else tried this......thing?
Please tell me they aren't all this bad.

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