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Maverick's Butcher in Portland


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Maverick's Butcher in Portland

Allison | Jul 24, 2005 10:12 AM

Maverick's butcher has been open for a while now. Nice folks running the place, good service. How about the meat? It seems some may have written the place off early because the meat is pre-packaged. But the meat is good and importantly, its actually butchered well! The steaks are thick and even, the meats well trimmed. I bought a "whole" chicken yesterday that looked fully intact in the package but was nicely cut-up, the legs, wings and breasts seperated, and still leaving me with the back for stock. The price was whole chicken price, great deal!

I think the prices are good and the quality is excellent. They also sell farm fresh eggs, smoked bacon, Maurice's sausages (of course), etc. There is also a sign that says you should ask for what you want if you don't see it. While I agree its nice to look at your meat and ask for a cut, its not unusual to me that its not displayed. [There are many fine butchers in Boston's North End and the meat is kept in the walk-in, very little is displayed!] The important thing is being able to order what you want. I hope that as volume increases, so will the options.

I really do hope this place succeeds.

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