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Nina W. | May 27, 2004 06:12 PM

I feel cheated. Not because of the money I spent, which I was expecting and willing to spend. Not because of the quality of the fish, which was extraordinary, and the best I’ve ever had. Not because of the space and the service – both were divine. And I was in wonderful company.

Item after item was presented to us - delectable, sublime, superb. Sauces, broths, textures, flavors, combinations – each new thing was a wonder. We all moaned and groaned orgasmically with every bite.

But suddenly the chef said “do you want anything else? You’ve had everything.”

We looked at each other somewhat incredulously. We wanted more. We weren’t full. We hadn’t tasted any meat. We saw meat being grilled for other people – we never got any. We had seen Masa make some rolls, (among other things which we hadn’t gotten) – sweet shrimp, flattened, filled with uni and rolled, wrapped in nori. So we asked if we could try that. Sure, sure. And it came – beautiful, pristine, dreamy.

And when the bill came, there was a $50 per person extra charge for this, on top of the $350 prix fixe omakase.

Someone else wrote something about the lack of joy (or some such phrase), and that’s exactly it. Sure, take a huge amount of money, that’s okay with me. But f’chrissakes, make me feel lavished upon. Don’t nickel and dime me - include the bottled water – don’t charge me $10 for a small bottle of water (yes folks, an additional $40 for water on the bill). And if I ask the chef for a recommendation for a sake (we had already ordered 2 mid-priced bottles), don’t send out the most expensive bottle on the list (but man, it was sooooo good – the most intensely vegetal sake imaginable). And would it kill you to smile? To talk to your customers?

Oh – and the place was half empty the whole night. Difficult reservation to get? Hmmm.

I feel a little like I got stuck in a game of 3-card monty.

I want that food again. Badly.

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