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Married a Meat and Potatoes Man....Help!


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Married a Meat and Potatoes Man....Help!

Mermazon | Jan 11, 2007 11:11 PM

First off, I must comment how happy I am to find people who love food and cooking as much as I do! There are some great threads/topics here!

With that said, HELP! Hopefully both male and females will respond, for I am looking for much advice and am open to all suggestions. I'm constantly trying to find creative ways of making meals for DH which suit his palate! He adores meat, pasta and breads...cheese, but not much more. (I have TONS of cookbooks too, but thought you Chowhounds might have some great ideas and save me a lifetime of searching and 'trial and error'!?)

I try to S N E A K veggies in dishes as much as possible, but I've got to be clever. If I dare to MENTION an international dish I'm making-then I'm usually S.O.L.(out of luck)-he won't even try it or touch it! Also, he HATES gravies, MOST sauces, any type of casserole-type creation, and slow cooked meals. I was always told how creative and delicious my foods were...but I gotta admit, he's a challenge when it comes to foods...
(ESPECIALLY healthy foods!)

I mean, I love pizza, steak and burgers too, but I need more outta life's foods!!! (At least he ADORES wine ;-) LOL! Thanks sooooo much! The Merm :-)

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