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Manhattan Special Espresso Soda

JMF | Jun 4, 2006 09:53 AM

A thread on the new coffee sodas made me go out and try blak and I thought it was terrible. All chemicals and way too sweet. It just didn't compare to the coffee saoda of my childhood, Manhattan Special. For several years in the mid 90's to early 00's I had trouble finding Manhattan Special. It started showing up more the past few years. Now my local supermarket is carrying the 48 oz bottles and I am in heaven. The new coffee sodas such as blak are so bad compared to Manhattan Special. It's great to see a product from a small company thats been around since 1895 still beating out the competition from huge companies.

I went to their website and found out they now have regular, diet, and diet decaff espresso soda and two new lines of products.

Vanilla Cream
Made from pure vanilla bean
Contains imported cherry juice
Has the natural flavor from true root
Pure orange juice is added
An old european favorite with a combination of lemon and lime extracts

Iced Coffees
French Vanilla



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