Man, oh Manishewitz


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Man, oh Manishewitz

Stanley Stephan | Jul 2, 2003 09:29 PM

Sometimes corporations get a little too carried away with their product. It could just be me, but the recipes on the Manishewitz Wine site sound, well, awful.

Here's a link to something called Texas Two step where you make burritos with matzo meal. Then you top it with a sauce of Manischewitz Cream White Concord.

The Halloween surprise combines pumpkin with Concord grape wine. That would get me screaming on Halloween.

Enjoy the recipes ... and you thought the wine was sweet.

I have fond memories of Manishewitz. Although we weren't Jewish, this was my Dad's idea of wine when I was a child. He would splurge on a bottle at Christmas. A little irony there. It's probably the first wine I've ever tasted. However, the recipes don't seem well thought out. My teeth ache just reading some of them.



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