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Main Street Imperial Taiwanese (Bei Gang) - solid taiwanese


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Main Street Imperial Taiwanese (Bei Gang) - solid taiwanese

Lau | Mar 7, 2009 01:10 PM

So I finally got around to trying Main Street Imperial Taiwanese (Bei Gang). It's a little off the beaten path which is probably why not many chound people have tried it. While it is in flushing, it is not in the middle of downtown flushing like most of the restaurants, its actually on Main Street next to the LIE (Main Street bet 59th and 60th Ave). So its not really walking distance, you'd probably need to either drive or take a short bus ride from downtown flushing.

It's a small typical chinese restaurant with maybe 15 tables, its got many specials written in chinese on the wall. The place is definitely run by taiwanese people. It's not much in the way of decor, but the staff was pretty friendly.

The menu is also partially written in chinese, so its definitely helpful to have someone who reads chinese, but someone who speaks chinese is good enough. I'm not sure how well they speak english b/c we spoke in chinese and there were no non-chinese there. It was pretty busy, so thats always a good sign.

So here's what we ordered:
- cong ting tou (scallion fly head): this had a weird name and the waitress recommended it as a house specialty. Now obviously the name of the dish doesn't really tell you much. It's basically very minced pork with scallions, black beans and i believe some string beans that are very finely chopped. The pork is nice and crispy, the dish has a wonderful flavor b/c of the work and the black goes really well over rice. It is an awesome dish, by far the best dish we had there and definitely worth ordering.
- xiang gan rou si (dried tofu and shredded pork): this was good, not the best version ive ever had, but pretty decent. It's made a little more spicy than most places with alot of sliced red and green peppers chopped up in it
- chou dou fu (stinky tofu): the flavor was decent; it had a reasonable "stink", probably better than most in NY, but the tofu itself was too was decent, but nothing special
- oh ah jian (oyster omelette): this was good, probably the best version I've had in NY although most versions ive had are miserable. It was partially crispy, which i like alot (if you have a good version in taiwan its sort of like this but better). It wasn't too gooey, alot of versions ive had are just a gooey mess. The sauce was decent, a bit too sweet, but not bad. Overall, this is worth ordering (assuming you like the dish)
- kong xin cai (water spinach): i think this was kong xin cai (water spinach) friend ordered this and i didnt really hear her order. It was just sauteed with garlic. It was just so so

Overall, I thought this place was good and it was better than most other taiwanese places in NY...the cong ying tou alone is worth going for. I'd like to come back and try more dishes as I have a feeling there are other good dishes here.

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