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magic tea!

howler | May 20, 2006 04:19 PM

if you're the sort that brews loose leaf tea in a tea pot, here's an old favourite from india, somewhat on the opposite side of masala chai.

1. heat your tea pot (microwave, pour in and out boiling water etc)
2. put 3 tbsp of your favourite darjeeling/assam/ceylonese/english breakfast tea in the tea pot along with 10 mint leaves and enough dried lemon grass that would make 3 tbsp were you to chop it.
3. pour in 2 cups boiling water and let steep for 2 minutes.
4. pour and serve with good milk and preferably no sugar.

this is a recipe we learnt from our parsi neighbours in bombay. its pure magic - it takes whatever ordinary tea you have and transforms it into something in the absolute elsewhere - think of turning vin ordinaire into grand cru and you'll get the idea.

soothing as it is, i think masala tea was designed to hide the fact that the tea you were drinking probably had the leaves on their second, even third go around. masala tea disguises, but this recipe enhances.

note: if you live near an indian grocery store, you'll get dried lemon grass ('country tea' to us indians) and mint leaves there - but see if you can also score lipton green label. then try this.

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