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MAGGIE'S – Lola’s food comes to El Cerrito organic coffee shop near Bart !!!

rworange | Jan 22, 200606:26 PM    

Well, first the bad news – RIP J.R. Muggs.

Now the GREAT news, one of the former employees bought the shop, the hours are longer, they will run the coffee out to your car … AND … baked good will be by the fabulous Lola’s.

OK, you Richmond and El Cerrito area people, time to show your true hound colors and support what may be the only decent chow in the area … yeah, yeah, tacos and papusas … but I’m talking possible quiche, roast chicken sandwiches, great stromboli, foccacia and calzone.

For the immediate time, it will mainly be items that go with coffee like muffins and other baked goods. Depending on what sells, will be what is sold.

The brownies did well, so it is likely they will be on the menu. These are exquisite, deeply fudge-y squares with a slight bittersweet edge. The butter is evident in each bite along with toasted walnuts. Lola’s muffins are beyond great, buttery … and in the case of blueberry, chock full of fresh berries.

Stopped by Lola’s today and had a lovely macaroon of a different type - fresh coconut in a light meringue drop. Very nice sour cherry cantucci too – a twice-baked cookie like a biscotti.

Although Maggie’s won’t have the dinner menu from Lola’s, I finally tried the mac and cheese – if you like the thick, creamy ultra cheese type, this is it. There’s a surprise – a kick of jalapeño. Don’t know if that’s always the case or this was the mac and cheese version du jour.

The old J.R. Muggs sign is still up. It is located at the end of the BART parking lot on San Pablo Avenue – in the other direction from Target.

It is a block from the drive-thru Starbucks in the Home Depot lot, on the other side of the street. Don’t forget, if you are attracted by Starbuck’s drive-thru option, Maggie’s will run the coffee out to your car. They should really hire a few of those guys standing in the Home Depot lot looking for work as sign twirlers, pointing to Maggie’s across the street. Put them just before Starbucks.

Unlike Starbucks, all the coffee is organic, free-trade and a lot better tasting. It is less expensive and you don’t need to use silly names like Venti to order it. AND instead of teeth-achingly sweet, flavorless baked`goods filled with heavens knows what … you will have all natural ingredients by one of the best bakers in the Bay Area. When there is a situation with an item that is one-on-one with the other top bakeries – Acme, La Farine, Masse’s … Lola always wins IMO.

So help support a quality shop in El Cerrito and have the option of eating more deliciously. If you can afford Starbucks, you can afford Maggie’s. Your pocketbook and taste buds will thank you.

11740 San Pablo Ave. (north of Cutting Boulevard)


Monday - Friday: 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Today’s article in the Contra Costa Times. Thumbs up, CC Times, thumbs up.

A response from Starbucks quoted in the article: “A marketing specialist with the ubiquitous coffee chain issued a statement saying Starbucks has seen time and again that it can coexist with local stores.”

Link: http://www.contracostatimes.com/mld/c...

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