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I love me some Apple Sidra!


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I love me some Apple Sidra!

ipsedixit | May 1, 2011 03:39 PM

Do you do Apple Sidra?

If not, you should.

What's an Apple Sidra?

A Greek mythological creature? No.

A new hybrid heirloom apple variety? Uh-uh.

A bad name for a rock band? Nope.

An Apple Sidra is a Taiwanese carbonated beverage that's sort of like the love-child of a Mott's apple juice and a bottle of Ginger Ale. But really it's more than that; it's complex because if you let it linger on the palate, it sort of opens up a Pandora Box of flavors and childhood memories of cherished soda pops of years gone by.

There's this subtle hint of something beyond just apple. If you pay attention to your tastebuds (and you should) you'll find that there's a hint of Mountain Dew and ... (wait for it now) ... Cactus Cooler.

But unlike other fruit based drinks -- e.g., Sunkist, Sanka, Welch's Grape Soda -- this isn't sickly sweet. In fact, I would characterize it as "light, with a refreshing crispy fruitiness".

Nothing like a cold Apple Cidra to cool me off on in SoCal when the Santa Anas are blowing ...


(Pic not mine).

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