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LOLLIPOPS - and thoughts on making eating last looong...


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LOLLIPOPS - and thoughts on making eating last looong...

AliceJ | Oct 10, 2001 10:37 AM

Have never been a big sweets eater, but as I devour the daily onslaught of depressing news (just can't stop myself from reading it all!), I find myself craving a taste of sugar. Oddly enough, it is not ice-cream or cheesecake I turn to -- but LOLLIPOPS! Such comforting 'kiddie' food...and it somehow relaxes me...almost hynotic, as one slowly sucks in the sugary goodness. AND, a lollipop lasts longer than a slice of pie! Except for the fact that too many may make my teeth drop out, lollipops have always seemed (comparatively!) a 'diet' food. Am curious if anyone here has any lollipop favorites? I'm partial to Linda's Lollies - the gourmet pops that are displayed poking out of a wooden stand. The flavors are intriguing - peanut butter and jelly, chocolate marshmallow sundae, spearmint! Tootsie roll pops are pretty dependable - but they seem almost too sweet, these days - like eating pure sugar. As for making foods "last," here is something very weird that I do: I take one of Callard & Bowser's Licorice Toffee candies (my favorite!) and push it onto a small cocktail fork -- and then eat it like a lollipop! At 40 calories a taffy, it takes much longer to consume on a stick, and I can really savor its wonderful flavor. Okay, that was a pretty embarrassing confession! So...any lollipop suggestions out there??

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