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Lobster for Thanksgiving


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Lobster for Thanksgiving

MV | Nov 22, 2004 02:08 PM

I for one hate turkey. I always have and while i have gotten over my aversion to just about every other food i hated as a child, my hatred of turkey remains. I really just cant stand the foul taste of the bird whether it is white meat, dark meat or even my favorite parts of a chicken the gizzard and skin.

Because of this i was always annoyed that the pilgrims did not reap the benefits of another bountiful new england animal, the lobster. So now that i am finally hosting my own thanksgiving, I am roasting a turkey for everyone else and cooking a lobster for myself. No longer will i have to suffer through another thankgiving and the ubiquitous bird.

I also dont want to appear too obnoxious so i will be offering this option to everyone coming.

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