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List of Hard-to-Find Regional Food Favorites


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List of Hard-to-Find Regional Food Favorites

The Chowhound Team | Oct 16, 2003 01:18 PM

In plenty of time for holiday shopping, Joan Kureczka has compiled a mouth-watering list of 18 categories of hard-to-find regional food favorites orderable by mail or over the Internet. There’s bread, cannolis, cheeses, foie gras, gumbo, smoked poultry, tamales, popcorn, and much more. A great tip sheet thanks to some concerted brainstorming by our SF chowhound regulars.
This list will be a ChowNews exclusive, appearing in the "General Topics" section of the NY, SF, and LA editions at the end of this month.
For those who don't know, ChowNews is created by teams of smart editors who compile and encapsulate all the best weekly tips, look up address/phone/direction maps for all places, and send out a sleek tip sheet to all subscribers each Friday. It's really cheap - just $15 for 6 months of weekly emails. It supports, it ensures that you'll never miss a great tip, and the issues compile a searchable chowcylopedia on your computer (better than having to hunt through the inundation of the message boards for a dimly-remembered tip).
ChowNews is also a dynamite gift for food-loving friends who don't have time/interest in surfing through the site for their info. ChowNews gives the boil-down! And for just $15, you'll be fondly remembered each week as this great chow resource is received!
All three ChowNews editions also offer a summary of the weekly action on our General Topics message board. Many subscribe to ChowNews for this alone.
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