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He Said Limón, She Said Limón

nja | Nov 25, 200301:49 AM     11

She said: I’m in the mood for fish tonight. Cold fish, like sushi or ceviche.
He said: Ceviche? How about Limón? Everyone says they make the best ceviches. We’ve been meaning to go there.
She said: Are they open on Sunday? Can we get in without a reservation?
He said: Yes, and let’s find out.
She said: But I don’t feel like waiting for an hour to eat.
He said: Well, if the wait is long we can go to Minako instead.
She said: What’s Minako?
He said: It’s a Japanese restaurant right around the corner from Limón. They have a reasonable omakase, like a Japanese tasting menu. And it’s all organic.
She said: Organic sushi? Weird. Where did you hear about that?
He said: Chowhound.
She said: Of course... How expensive are these places?
He said: Not cheap, but not too bad as I understand.
She said: Hmm, we should just stay home, we have eaten out a lot lately.
He said: Yeah, you’re right... Wait. Don’t you owe me a dinner?
She said: Ummm, yeah, I guess I do.
He said: I’ll be in the car.

She said: This place is crowded.
He said: Not as bad as I thought, though. Nobody else is waiting.
She said: It’s very stylish in a countercultural sort of way.
He said: Yes, very Mission. Let’s find out how long the wait is.
She said: Fifteen minutes.
He said: I can wait, you?
She said: Yes, that’s fine.
He said: Should we wait outside?
She said: It’s freezing out there! No, I want to wait inside.
He said: Okay, the only place to stand is in this spot in the middle of the restaurant, between these two tables, behind that guy’s seat, and in front of the entrance to the kitchen.
She said: Sure, we won’t disturb anyone here.
He said: Nobody will even notice us. Hey look, we can watch them cook in the (look out behind you) kitchen.
She said: The food (careful) looks delicious.
He said: And they are so meticulous (hot plates of food, six o’clock) about the presentation, look at how much they concentrate on the finishing the dishes.
She said: Yeah. What is that?
He said: Some kind of dessert, looks like ice cream and mousse (watch out) in a martini glass.
She said: Looks fattening.
He said: Sure does. Wow, look (you almost knocked over their wine bottle) at those flames! Fire, fire!
She said: Okay, Beavis.
He said: That’s Butthead.

He said: That wait wasn’t so bad.
She said: Not bad. Did you hear what the waiter said while we were standing?
He said: I tried to, but it’s a bit loud in here so I missed it.
She said: He said they were moving soon. Someplace a little bigger, but he doesn’t know where.
He said: He probably knows, but isn’t allowed to say.
She said: Yes, it’s always a conspiracy to hide the truth, right? Let’s order now.
He said: It all looks so good, it’s hard to decide.
She said: I want the Ceviche Limón.
He said: Of course you do. The other ceviches sound very similar, so I’m going to get this tuna tartar under the appetizers instead.
She said: I’m want the perihuela.
He said: Of course you do. It’s like your favorite Italian dish, frute di mare, but without the pasta.
She said: Am I too predictable?
He said: Let’s say “consistent.”
She said: Oh, thank you. I think.
He said: I’m getting the lomo saltado.
She said: Frown.
He said: Sorry, I know we won’t be able to share, but I hear it’s the bomb here.
She said: Fine. What wine do you want?
He said: Actually, except for the lomo saltado, I think a chardonnay like—
She said: CHARDONNAY? What? You haven’t ordered a chardonnay in a restaurant since, well, ever. What have you done with Nick?
He said: Hear me out. A red won’t work with all the acid, and most of the whites won’t have the body for the rich tuna and stew. This Chablis should be crisp, steely, and un-oaked. Trust me.
She said: Seriously, where’s Nick? I’m scared.

He said: This bread is good.
She said: Yes, very soft too.
He said: Cakey, I’d say.
She said: Yes, cakey.
He said: Wait a minute. I just scooped a big chunk out of that ramekin of soft butter and now the top is smooth again. You didn’t smooth it over again, did you?
She said: No.
He said: Weird. Animate butter. I’m going to do it again... Hmmm, it’s not moving this time. Must have warmed up too much or something.
She said: You are so gullible. Dork.

She said: This ceviche is great! It’s very pretty too.
He said: Yes it is. The halibut is still somewhat translucent, like they just put it in the lime juice a few minutes ago instead of letting it sit all day.
She said: Yes. The octopus is a little too chewy though. But these shrimp are good.
He said: Yes, very. And I like how they cut this notch out of the mussel where it’s stuck to the shell, so you don’t destroy it trying to remove it.
She said: Clever. And these garnishes of onions, hominy, and big, crispy corn kernels reminds me of the Jalea at La Furia Chalaca.
He said: Yes, very distinctively Peruvian. There’s a good dose of chile spiceness too. But it’s too acidic. It’s really tart.
She said: No way, it’s perfect.
He said: For a sourpuss.
She said: Look, the butter is moving again.

He said: This tuna tartar is very Asian. It’s like that dish I’ve made at home with diced tuna, soy sauce, sesame oil, and chives.
She said: Yes, except much better.
He said: Hey, I thought we were even now. This yellow sauce is a little spicy, and tastes like mayonnaise.
She said: Yes, very eggy smelling.
He said: These are both really good.
She said: Yes they are.
He said: And this wine is a perfect match.
She said: Yes, very nice. Good job.
He said: I’m a wine matching master, aren’t I?
She said: I roll my eyes, yes.
He said: Say it.
She said: You are a wine matching master.
He said: A wizard of food and beverage.
She said: A wizard of food and beverage.
He said: A culinary mastermind.
She said: A culinary--Yes, we ARE finished now. Thank you.

She said: This parihuela is great, just what I wanted.
He said: I see mussels, clams, shrimp, crab, scallops, and halibut in there.
She said: You didn’t say that, that was a just a convenient sentence for your chowhound write-up.
He said: Moving on. Can I taste some?
She said: Go ahead.
He said: Mmmm, that’s all very good, especially the scallops.
She said: I’ll take your word for it. Can you crack the crab leg for me?
He said: Yes! Oooh, yes, I get to use the big, funky crab pliers.
She said: You are easily amused.

He said: This lomo saltado is excellent. Here, try a bit of the sauce with the rice.
She said: Yum, that’s good! Tastes like Chinese.
He said: It’s the soy sauce. It’s used in Peru a lot. They have a high population of Chinese.
She said: Interesting. It’s quite salty.
He said: Yes, it feels salty but it doesn’t taste salty.
She said: Ooooh, so profound.
He said: Am I right?
She said: Come to think of it... How are those fries?
He said: Not crispy, but soaked in the same meaty juice. Want one?
She said: Okay. Mmmmm, that is good.
He said: This rice alone is pretty good too.
She said: Yes, it is also. Another fearless use of salt.
He said: But again not salty tasting. Here, have a piece of the meat.
She said: Nice try.
He said: Arrggg! I pushed too hard too soon. I knew I should have taken my time.
She said: It’ll never happen.
He said: Yes it will. You loved the meat juice. Some day I’ll get you to eat my meat.
She said: Stop it, chowhound is a family forum.
He said: Actually, this meat isn’t too great. It was sliced and sautéed with the other ingredients, and it got cooked through and is now a little tough. I guess its texture was sacrificed to make that sauce.
She said: I’ll bet I could eat lamb. You should have ordered lamb and I would have eaten it.
He said: Liar. Let’s order dessert now.
She said: Not yet. How’s the wine with your steak?
He said: The best match ever. Really.
She said: Liar.
He said: I’ll prove it. Here, take a bite.
She said: Give it up already.
He said: So...close...

She said: This arroz con leche is pretty good, but not as good as grandma’s.
He said: Nothing is, I’m sure. I like the large, al dente grains of rice.
She said: And the cinnamon is good. But it’s a little too sweet.
He said: Yes. But again it doesn’t have a sugary taste, it just feels too sweet in the mouth.
She said: I should be aggravated with that Zen sounding BS, but you’re right.

He said: That was all very good. I enjoyed it a lot.
She said: Me too. And pretty reasonable. Only $90 before tip.
He said: Not bad. All in all though, I think I enjoyed Fresca better.
She said: You’re just saying that to be contrary, since everyone says Limón is the best nuevo latino in the bay area.
He said: I’m never like that. No, I just think Fresca had more interesting, experimental ceviches, and more balanced tasting dishes. Limón is very assertive, sometimes a little too much so.
She said: I liked Limón better. I would return to either but Limón first.
He said: Yes, I would love to return here, but I’m looking forward more to trying Fresca’s other ceviches. We’ve already basically had all of Limón’s.
She said: Is that what you’re going to tell Chowhound?
He said: No, that is what I’m going to tell the ChowHOUNDS, plural, by using ChowHOUND, singular, the site.
She said: It's cold oustide. Wrap that scarf tightly around your face.

Link: http://limon-sf.com/

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