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left-handed hounds: what special cooking equipment do you use?


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left-handed hounds: what special cooking equipment do you use?

Gooseberry | Apr 10, 2006 04:10 AM

I stumbled across this site while browsing, and became fascinated with the idea of left-handed knives, corkscrews, etc. I'm trying to decide whether it's worthwhile to invest in left-handed tools.

I'm strongly left-handed, although I learnt to use right-handed scissors (in my right hand) from a young age, and now feel strange using left-handed ones. But growing up, like most left-handers, I was often made aware that things in the world weren't designed with me in mind; left-handed chair-desks, hockey sticks, etc. Generally it's not a problem, though.

In the kitchen, the only problem I have is can-openers, which I really struggle with, but then, universal can openers (go both clockwise and anticlockwise) solve that. And my vegetable peeler is also universal. But I'd never really thought about chef's knives before. A casual examination of my knife drawer shows that many of my favourite knives seem to have symmetrical handles, and the blades are honed on both sides. But might they be weighted to favour the right side? I have no idea, and no 'left-handed' blade to compare it with.

I'd be interested to hear what issues and solutions other left-handed 'hounds encounter in the kitchen, and whether any of you use equipment designed specifically for lefties.

Link: http://www.anythingleft-handed.co.uk/...

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