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What I've learned from watching TOP CHEF

YAYME | Dec 3, 201107:15 AM

Top Chef is one to few cooking programs and reality programs I enjoy. In fact I usually hate all reality tv on principle. However since the first time I saw it gained a place in my heart. I've avidly watched every season (online) I usually get so excited I get up to cook, or eat something myself. One thing I love about cooking is pushing the boundaries and making up new and interesting combinations. I've used two recipes from this show to Also it's one the few places in my life where I relish (no pun intended) a challenge. This is what I've learned for Top Chef.

*A good cook is not afraid to take risks.

*A good cook is will adapt to whatever crisis or disaster is thrown at them.

*A cook is only as good their ingredients.

*Baking is hard, and I'm not alone for sucking at it.

*Pork belly is food of the Gods.

*If you can't get the ingredient/equipment you want substitute and pray it comes out right.

*Trust your instincts.

*If you think something has gone wrong, and you know it shouldn't smell/taste/look like this, it's not right, then it has. (Luckily at home I can throw it out).

*Don't overload your dish with two many stupid ideas all crammed together.

*If you are cooking for others LISTEN to what they want, don't thumb your nose at them.

*I need a Sous Vid like yesterday.

*I need a bigger kitchen.

*If Gail Simmons is so cool then how come Food & Wine awful magazine?

*Don't cut corners

*If you can make it from scratch do it. usually that will be better.

Funny how one silly show taught me so much. I mean when I get down in my kitchen, I just kitchen the GE Monogram kitchen and bunch of cheftestants scrambling around trying to do something. Maybe a clip of some guy cheftestant going: "I got chickpease, cheerios and collards. Why did they give me the letter C *BEEP*!" And I know I can usually pull through. Also I don't have Marcel mocking me.

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