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Le Gariotin d'Alvignac


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Le Gariotin d'Alvignac

Jupiter | Apr 21, 2004 01:20 PM

Just finished eating my second chunk of this cheese and i am still totally bowled over! this stuff is GOOOD, like you want to just spread it on your tongue and let it melt there, good.

I decided to do some research on line, cause i notice that suddenly little nuggets of this stuff seem to be appearing in cheese cases all over SF.

It says on some sites that this is an "illegal cheese" due to the raw milk factor and the aging time. the only thing it says on the label is :
Le Gariotin d'Alvignac
Hand made goat's cheese
Ingredients: milk, enzymes, salt
product of France
net weight : 3.88 oz / 110 g
Fat : 45%

and then in a small circle it says : F 46.003.03 CEE

anyone know what that means?

anyway, illicit or not, it is good, and if you aren't pregnant or immune impaired, i would highly suggest trying some.

It has a tan wrinkly rind and right underneath is a creamy runny beige colored cheese, almost like a stinky daffinois, and then the center is a slightly crumbly stark white goat. make sure that you get the rind, the cream and the center all in one bite. spreads really well, and definetely melts on the tongue and makes the world seem like a better place all at once.

Have a nice day,

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