Which Le Creuset to keep vs exchange?


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Which Le Creuset to keep vs exchange?

Shkra11 | Jul 30, 2014 06:17 AM

I've been shocked by the amount of le creuset and all-clad that we've received so far through our registry and I'd love input on the LC items to make sure we have the cookware that best fits our cooking needs.

My main question is about the 6 1/3 in, 9 in, and 10 1/4 in skillets pictured, but I'd love any other advice too. I know many hate LC skillets, but we want them to use for eggs and some other dishes. Are these sizes redundant? If so, which should we exchange? Is the 6 1/3 just way too small to use? If we return, should we get the 13 inch LC skillet or is there some other LC piece we should consider?

Our cooking habits: we cook mostly chicken (1-2 whole or 8-16 pieces at a time), ground turkey, fish, grilled sandwiches, and sometimes pork or steaks along w rice, pasta, veggies. For breakfast eggs we usually scramble 1-2 or 6-8 eggs. I prefer cooking in larger quantities either because we're entertaining or so we have leftovers (so cooking 2 whole chickens in an extra large roaster filled w potatoes and veggies is normal for us). I don't want nonstick pans because we never ever replace them and it seems that if 8+ Yr old "nonstick" pans worked well enough for eggs, then ECI or AC D5 should be fine too. We can't use bare CI as our only option for eggs because my husband doesn't want to mess up that skillet and we need something that he can throw in the dishwasher. I make tons of pies and desserts.

What we currently have (all can be exchanged still):
LC: 7 1/4 qt round oven; 6 1/3 in, 9 in, and 10 1/4 in skillets; rectangular grill pan w panini press

AC: D5 saucepans, soup pots, 4 and 6 qt essential pan, French skillets in 2-size set; triply 8 and 12 qt stockpots. These all seem to be perfect for us.

Lodge: we had a 12 in skillet that I used for cornbread or steaks/chicken that went from stove to oven but it got lost when we moved. Should we replace it or just get an LC instead? I don't fry food at home and my husband won't use it because he doesn't want to hand wash it and he's scared of mistreating the bare cast iron.

Other stuff: we have tons of rectangular, round, and square Pyrex dishes for baking macaroni & cheese etc. and I have tons of pie dishes. We regularly use our pressure cooker, large crockpot, large ricecooker, and XL williams-sonoma flared roaster. We have a cuisinart griddler.

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