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LC 2.25- quart braiser/casserole


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LC 2.25- quart braiser/casserole

Normandie | Oct 17, 2009 11:05 AM

Some of us were talking about a month ago about the braisers when I got the 5-quart size. I love it and find it's good for large braises with veggies, or tossed pasta dishes, etc. But I want a smaller one. There's a 3.5 quart size, and I found a couple of vendors offering this baby one 2.25 size. I really don't think I want the 3.5-quart (at the moment); I have a 3.5 oval FO I can use for most things.

But I'm having a hard time imaging the size of this and was wondering if anyone had a braiser this size. What things could I do in it? DH and I are having more dinners by ourselves as the kids are growing up and are out a lot. Is it big enough, do you think, to do braises for two? Could I do things like corn bread or other savory quick breads in it? Things like tarte tatin?

Also, is this something I could cook rice in? I don't mean a paella, but just straight rice for a side? Does the braiser shape work for that? Because the size would be perfect for it.

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