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Okay. I have been about 4 times and have not been a fan. Apparently, this is because I was ordering the wrong things. Four of us med for dinner on Tuesday night. Wow-Wow-Woweeeeee!! (as The Continental on SNL would say). We all hit the bonanza with our orders. I have never seen forks and arms stretch across the table so often!
I ordered the “Chuletas en Chile Pasilla: Pork chops (2) baked in our special pasilla chili sauce. Served with rice, black beans and two homemade corn tortillas - $13.25”. Now, THIS was phenomenal! When the waiter came by, I told him how amazingly delicious the dish was and he told me that in his opinion, it is the best dish they make. The joke around the table was that next time, I would order the same dish, hold the pork chops! I wanted a vat of that sauce!! It had wonderful meaty flavor (obviously the chops with just enough kick to it and as another poster mentioned in the past, the chops were so tender that you don’t even need a knife to cut them! When that sauce got mixed into the rice, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven!
I think everyone at the table agreed that mine was the best, but there were definitely other strong contenders. N ordered the “Enchiladas de Mole: Three corn tortillas filled with chicken breast or cheese (she got the chix), topped with our special mole sauce, onions and cheese on top. Served with rice and black beans - $11.95”. All of my dining companions had never had mole (did not even know what it was until I explained it). I am not a huge mole fan, but as far as moles go, I would venture to say that this one was pretty dang good. I think that it was maybe a little much for her (but she never said anything) in the sweet department, but she ate with gusto.
R ordered the “Chiles a La Cabanita: Poblano peppers stuffed with our special chicken recipe with almonds and raisins. Served with salad, black beans and homemade corn tortillas - $13.95”. I thought this was very interesting – in a good way. The filling had a slight sweetness to it, and the breading? cheese? on top was had a sweet taste to it. I was sitting across the table from her and was unable to get a good look at it.
W ordered the “Carnitas a La Cabanita: Lean pork lightly deep fried served with frijoles charros, rice, salad, pico de gallo, guacamole and corn tortillas - $14.95”. These carnitas came out as various sized nuggets. They were good, but as I am not a huge carnitas fan (I think they are too dry for me) I was not overwhelmed. W seemed to enjoy them, but I think he really coveted what I ordered! ;-) The frijoles charros (made with chorizo) were very good and I would have preferred getting these with my dish over the black beans (not that there was anything wrong with the black beans).
The chips and salsas that they serve are really good. Homemade chips that are served warm and one dark-red roasted salsa and another verde. They both were delicious.
We arrived about 5:45 and there were several tables available, but by the time the last person in our party showed up around 6:30 (VERY late), there were several people waiting. This may have been because there was a large group of women (about 15) in the upper eating area taking up several of the tables there. By the time we left, just before 8, there were several tables available. Apparently the rush time here (lots of families with kids) is 6:30.
I say, go! Go, go, GO! And order some of the items listed above. You will not regret it! I have definitely changed my mind about La Cabanita!!

La Cabanita
3445-7 N Verdugo Rd.
Glendale, 91208 (I think it is more Montrose, but who am I to say??)
(818) 957-2711
The menu indicates that they cater and deliver as well.

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