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Kraft Cheese -- maybe your store brand, too!

alkapal | Apr 26, 200804:36 AM

In conducting research on the ingredients of Kraft Parmesan Cheese in the famous green shaker can, I came upon this letter from Kraft to the FDA listing all the labels under which several of their cheeses are sold. I was surprised to see so many store brands. I'm posting here just for your information.


Do you know of any other large manufacturers which make store brands that you can share with us? For example, does Del Monte can Safeway's house label's asparagus -- or whatever. Or does Breyer's make Giant's ice cream -- (not that I think that of course, but you get the drift, right?)

And Wal-Mart: who makes their various products? salsas, mustards, canned beverages, bottled beverages, you name it?

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