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"Kosher" versus simply not containing exctractives of pigs

Delicious Vodka "Vossua" DeBlair | Jan 5, 200504:19 PM

Greetings one and all.

I am not Jewish, but am distantly Israelite, but atop my quite literal adherance ot the Torah, I also am deathly allergic to a single amino acid found in pork, and therefore must NOT have anything with even the slightest extractives of this vile animal. I have been hospitalized as a child for eating such things as bologna or jello before my parents began reading ingredients or teaching me to question the content of foods. Even the mere odor of lard will make me ill in fact. So... I'm asking, are there any companies who do produce a gelatin product which is GARUNTEED to be totaly devoid of the extractives of pigs that I might try to cook with and see if I can enjoy the physical cooking properties of, without the nearly lethal side results of a total GI shutdown? Seriously desirous of a true source of "clean" gelatine, sincerely, Delicious Vodka "Vossua" DeBlair, Yisraeil Fundamentalist.

Image: http://vossua.tripod.com/2.jpg

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