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Kobe Beef (Wagyu) Sourcing - please read


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Kobe Beef (Wagyu) Sourcing - please read

spygrrl | Jan 16, 2006 04:49 PM

I'm about a week late to the discussion you were having further down the board. I'm not sure if you're still scrolling that far, so I posted up top.

The article in the linked url is only 3 weeks old (12/29/05) and AFAICT is a must read before you order any of Yama's beef. I found it quite illuminating, and if all stated is true, rather troubling. I would hate to see such a rare opportunity squandered.

Based on this and other reading I've done, Allen Brothers seems to be the most recommended merchant. Here is the url of the sidebar (related article) in the same issue that relates to what cuts to buy from whom, and some recipe recommendations.

I've no dog in this fight, as I can't afford this luxury meat, but I do like to keep up on topics I find interesting. So if you have information contradicting what is stated in the article re: Yamamoto's situation or the state of Wagyu beef in America, I'd be interested in your views/information on the subject.



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