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Knife Sharpening for Dummies...

ahack | Nov 9, 2011 01:32 AM

Ok I've convinced myself to try my hand at knife sharpening. I've read many threads here and on other forums (gasp!) watched expertvillage and Martell videos about the techniques, stones to use, the lapping plates, the stone holders, the strops, and so on.

I've read about Dave Martell's recommended stones as well as going the Shapton route. While initially I was leaning toward Martell's recommendations, I'm now leaning toward the Shaptons mainly because they are splash-n-go.

I'm now in a bit of an overanalysis-paralysis situation. What is the minimum I need to get started to see if I have the patience to learn this? I don't want to get way over my head in equipment only to find myself frustrated.

Can I get a Shapton 1000 grit, lapping plate and strop and be happy with that? Or do I also need to get a finishing stone? Do I need to get a strop right away? I understand that the ideal would probably to get a few stones (thinking 1k, 4k, 8k), stone holder, lapping plate, and strop, but what can I start with minimally to see results without damaging the blade? I don't want to create a burr with a 1k and then damage the knife because I didn't remove it with a strop or a 4k.

The knives I'm using now are starting to get less sharp than I'd like so it would be an ideal time to see some major improvement from just a little work. If I don't start soon, I'll just have to send them off to get sharpened before I hurt myself.

Thanks in advance. Sorry if I'm repeating a question stated in previous thread.

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