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Kentucky or West Virginia hot dogs with sauce ... and other chili dogs


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Kentucky or West Virginia hot dogs with sauce ... and other chili dogs

rworange | Jun 15, 2008 03:09 PM

Now I'm probably going to get the people in West Virginia all hotdogged and bothered for lumping this in the category of chili dogs.

There is even two websites that I've come across ... so far ... devoted to the West Virginia "hot dog with sauce".

This site has the anatomy of a West Virgina dog ... a cross-section photo with components clearly labeled

There's even a slaw map.

But the WV Frank Father has to be this blog with detailed reviews, photos and anylysis of the the dog at each joint. There are close to 400 WV hot dog reviews dating back to 2006 ... who knew?

He writes ...

"A true West Virginia hot dog is a heavenly creation that begins with a wiener on a soft steamed bun. Add mustard, a chili-like sauce and top it off with coleslaw and chopped onions and you have a symphony of taste that quite possibly is the reason that many transplanted West Virginians can never really be happy living anywhere else."

There seem to be variations within the state, but they all adhere to the above definition.

This got started when I was looking for something else and a Kentucky restaurant mentioned it made its own "hot dog sauce". I got curious and googled. It seems to be similar to the WV version and this former Kentucky resident bemoans that others just don't understand ... don't understand.

"In Florida, when you ask for a hot dog with sauce they want to call it and give you a chilli dog with beans in it of course ... By the way we have tried all of the ones off of the grocery store shelves, well let's just say that we would rather eat our hot dogs plain with just mustard than to go through that terrible experience!!! "

So if you have experience with hot dog sauce from these areas, why won't a chili dog do?

If not, what are some regional chili dog variations?

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