Keeping beetles off herbs


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Keeping beetles off herbs

CindyJ | Jul 4, 2014 08:50 AM

I have a small (2' x 4') herb garden in a raised bed on my back deck. My herbs are doing well, but beetles have arrived. I've hung a couple of beetle traps, but the pests are still making their way to my herbs. I hate to use any kind of spray on them at all, but I'm getting desperate. So I'm wondering, will a spritz of insecticidal soap (homemade) keep the beetles from munching my herbs? Is there something else I should be using? BTW, I'm in southeastern PA (Zone 6, I think). Thanks!

ETA -- Since posting my question a few minutes ago, I've been reading about Companion Planting. It turns out, I may have inadvertently invited these beetles to my garden. I thought marigolds were an insect deterrent, so I planted a few in my herb garden. Then I read this: "...marigolds planted around the border of a garden will deter many insects, and they are especially good at luring Japanese beetles away from your herbs and vegetables. In the morning, you will find hundreds of groggy bugs clinging to the marigold blossoms; pick them off and drop them into a bucket of soapy water." With such a small garden bed, can it be that the marigolds are attracting the beetles, which are then hopping over to my basil, thyme and other herbs?

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