Jointed kitchen faucets


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Jointed kitchen faucets

catdoc2 | Jul 3, 2012 02:42 PM

Hi there, would love some advice. Tiny tiny kitchen so we're trying to maximize functionality. I've opted for the foot pedal operated kitchen faucet with a wall mounted spout (I'm a vet, I'm used to scrubbing with these. My husband is a bit more skeptical but we're hopefully installing it so that should we wish to revert to a standard faucet we can).

My two primary goals are functionality and easy to clean. Knowing that:

Question: does anyone have the jointed faucet spouts and do they help you? I'm going with wall mounted as we are, ahem, not the best housecleaners so I figure wiping off a flat surface is going to be easier than the deck mount. But the joints in the jointed faucets look like they'll collect dirt/grime vs. a single smooth spout. Willing to clean a bit more if that joint really helps you guys. If it's just for looks and ultimately doesn't give you much help in a home kitchen, then I'm going with just a single spout...

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