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Jfood Can't Bake - Any Other Home Cooks Have This Problem


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Jfood Can't Bake - Any Other Home Cooks Have This Problem

jfood | Nov 15, 2007 03:54 PM

Jfood is not afraid of any recipe. After cooking for college roommates, two little jfoods, mrs jfood, hundreds of dinners, he is very comfortable in front of his stove and his knives are a part of his arm.


He can not bake to save his life. As he writes this post, there is a apple crumb pie in the oven, and what a battle. So after jfood has commented on many topics it's time to throw himself under the bus. He just wants to know if he has company.

Jood was supposed to play cards with his buddies tonight but work interfered with many so the game was postponed. Mrs jfood was heading to the movies so jfood told himself, hey let's make an apple pie. So on the way home he buys some frozen Oronoque frozen crusts (please no comments he knows) a half a dozen apples and gets ready. Grabs Mrs jfood's copy of Kathleen's Bake Shop Apple Crumb Pie recipe and starts.

First he takes two crusts and blind bakes them. So far so good. Take one out and puts it on the counter and goes for the second. Kerplunk, it falls off the mitt and onto the floor. Now the dog looks up and smiles. Jfood cleans up the big pieces and the dog finishes the job. Jfood takes the third crust and blind bakes that one. Carefully onto the counter when ready. Jfood cuts the apples and that's easy and right in his skill set. Then he screws up the seasonings once and throws it out. Second time OK. Makes the crumb topping and leaves aside.

Then he places the apples in the two tins and looks. Man, these will be the thinnest pies in the world when they are over. So he takes all the apples, well at least the ones that do not fall on the floor and makes one big pie. Crumb topping on top and into the oven.

So in cleaning there are two ruined pie crusts, apples on the floor, flour, sugar and cinnamon on the counter and a very happy dog.

So do others have the same problem with baking even though they are not afraid of any entree recipe?

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