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Jewelry on chefs, and what about Naomi? ( and you' when you cook)

singlemalt | Oct 9, 201303:31 PM

I don't have cable. I am an artless, unsophisticated heathen. I do watch a lot of cooking shows because here in Austin our PBS station has 3 digital stations and one of them shows a lot of cooking shows. One thing I am noticing, and this is beginning to bug me, is that most, if not all ( I like commas) leave on their rings when they cook. Even my favorite chef heroine girl friend ( from afar) cutie Sara Moulton does.

The reason it bugs me is that I consider it unsanitary. Think of food getting lodged under the ring, putrefying and then contaminating other food. Think of the ring, or whatever, coming off and choking someone to death who got the unlucky muffin.

Am I a worry wart or does anyone else see this as a potentially dangerous situation?

Do you cook with your rings on? and what about Naomi?

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