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BigLizard | Mar 3, 2003 01:52 PM

Jamon Serrano

I can´t get enough. I dream about it. If there is any in the fridge I can´t sleep until it´s gone. I haven´t even tried the Iberico yet. Why is it so good? Is it safe? I´ve always been taught that pork must be cooked. However, I keep telling myself that 20,000,000 Spaniards can´t be wrong. Also, what is the stuff that looks like raw bacon? I´ve haven´t been bold enough to try that yet. I guess I´m not completely over my socialized fear of raw pork yet.

Before you flame me... I realize that it´s not actually raw. Cured, right? Dipped in salt and hung in a cave, but it´s not cooked. There is never any heat and my understanding is that heat is necessary to kill trichinosis. That raw bacon stuff looks pretty raw though.

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