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Would how the item is written on the menu make a difference to you?


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Would how the item is written on the menu make a difference to you?

tonbo0422 | Jun 28, 2010 06:32 AM

Not sure if this is in the right place, but: I'm a graphic designer/food lover (NOT a foodie) and I'm designing/writing up a menu for an Indian restaurant.

Thing is, I'm going on their old menu, and it's pretty stiff going. I'm just wondering: would it make a difference to anyone (food-porn lovers or just civilians, doesn't matter) as to how any given dish is described?

"Steak in mushroom sauce" is pretty basic, but, if it were "Niman Ranch filet in merlot-thyme gravy with roast potato mufti" would that make a difference to you? Namely, because item number one is priced at $18 while number two is at $46. Maybe. Just theorising, here. And who knows, it might be the same steak in unscrupulous hands.

I'm just thinking to help this guy out (unfortunately anything I come up with in English has to be translated into French) and was wondering whether I should shed my graphic designer mantle for a minute and embellish his menu descriptions. Is it worth the extra energy? I know that I myself would be driven to order a dish based on its description, if skillfully described. Would it sway your decision-making process one way or the other how something is described on a menu?

Sorry. I know you know what I'm saying.

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