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What is this Italian baked item?


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What is this Italian baked item?

cypressstylepie | Jul 15, 2004 10:39 AM

Hi. I finally bought and tried this item that kept intriguing me in my local Italian bakery (Brooklyn, if region is an issue). The salesgirl at the time wasn't well versed in the items and couldn't illuminate.

It's not sweet. It looks like a flattened bagel, but dried out. And porous, like wide holed pumice. It's very light. It's golden in color like toasted bread and just basically tastes like old, dry bread. I have to assume it's used for something specific because it's not that unique or enjoyable in and of itself. I suspect it's an old school thing that's not enjoyed that much these days.

Anyone? I'm so curious. Thanks.

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