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Iron (or Sodium) and Wine?

Frodnesor | Nov 15, 200907:38 AM

No, not a spin-off alt folk band. A couple weeks ago there was a good bit of publicity over a study indicating that iron compounds in red wine are responsible for contributing to "fishy" flavors when red wine is paired with seafood. Here's one example ->

Then a couple days ago I was reading the "Sake" volume of the Oishinbo books (a fantastic series of Japanese manga comics revolving around Japanese food), which suggested that sodium compounds in wines (including white wines) have the same effect (and ergo, arguing that sake generally makes a better pairing than wine, even white wine, with fish and seafood).

Which prompted a couple questions ->

- are there white wines with high iron content that would have the same effect as indicated in the recent study?

- is there anything to the sodium theory? Yes, I know it's a comic book, which is generally not exactly a definitive source of information, but for the subjects I know something about, the books seem pretty well-researched.

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