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Spike | May 3, 2004 04:01 PM

So, what's your verdict?

Me? I think it's a total disaster. I am praying they don't try to turn this fiasco into a series. They seemed to have bypassed everything that made the original great in favor of falling prey to the idea that "American can do it better." It's akin to letting Michael Bay remake "The Seven Samurai."

I'll start on a positive note.

Production values were high. Alton Brown's commentary was insightful and entertaining, in spite of the fact he lacked additional commentary from a second person.

The final "tag-team" show was not bad. The panel was the best of the lot and the battle was entertaining and more in the spirit of the original.

The choices of Batali and Puck were good.

The BAD:
The sets. None of the theatrical flair of the original. Too sanitized and slick.

The panels. Horrible choices, especially the guy from the Sopranos. "I like this." "I won't eat this." etc. I love the show, but this guy (from 2 seasons ago no less) is a monosyllabic Neanderthal.


No Japanese judges to compliment the Japanese Iron Chefs and the palettes they were cooking for.

The Iron Chefs were treated as guests! They are the only real Iron Chefs! Food TV is trying to pass off three very independent American chefs are Iron Chefs? Please.

Kevin Froch (or whatever), the floor guy, was a poor choice. He didn't even know what Foie Gras was.

The host. Bland, non-Asian "nephew" of Kaga. Enough said.

The canker sore on Bobby Flay's lip. Makeup anyone?

and so on.


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