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Iridescent meat


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Iridescent meat

vil | Oct 5, 2011 01:08 PM

Recently I bought a package of sliced pork from the local grocery store, and had most of it for dinner on the same day. The next day, I noticed that all of the leftover slices had an iridescent green covering the surface! The weirder thing was, on closer inspection, the iridesent green turned orange if I looked from a different angle. Thinking that it was some funky strain of mold, I tossed it.

I finally had a chance to ask my trusted Google today, only to find out that the iridescent colours were probably benign:

"Iridescence in meats, specifically beef, can be detected in some of the muscle tissues of some animals before and after rigor mortis. It is most common in the muscles comprising the round, navel and brisket."

"The type of light and the angle of the light reflecting off the muscle will have an effect on the visual brightness of the various iridescent colors. The most common color is an iridescent green, with the next most common color an iridescent orange-red."

The article did not seem to point out the exact mechanism that caused the psychedelic appearance. Can anyone fill in on what might be going on? Was it really benign? And just wondering if this happens much?

Thinking back, it was pretty cool and I wish I had taken a picture of it.

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