The Induction Debate...


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The Induction Debate...

cwochnik | Aug 29, 2013 08:46 AM

Hello all,

I've had a basic electric stove top that cost about 200€ MAX in my apartment, and thinking of finally updating. Induction has come up on my list of options. I have specifically found an AEG product that is being sold at my local store for 999€. I will post a link to the product for reference. So here is there real question: I am 21 and have some money in my savings, but is the investment truly worth it? How many years can I expect to keep such a product? 5 years, 10 years, 20+? I have Le Creuset pans and Zwilling which are both compatible, so pans are not an issue. All in all, I really wanna know if the money is worth what I am buying. They have cheaper models from different companies in the 500-600€ range but they look cheap, and that worries me. I hope someone can help me make a conscious decision here because sometimes I jump in the water without thinking and make mistakes with purchases. Thanks in advance!
(Sorry it's only available in German)

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